Dario Braga


CIERN Symposium 2023

1st Annual Virtual Symposium of the Comparative Interdisciplinary Education Research Network (CIERN) Tue, 25th July 2023, 13:00 – 15:00 BST

The Comparative and Interdisciplinary Education Research Network (CIERN) brings international researchers together. As well as the networking opportunities, CIERN has an active research strand, which has recently focused on Covid-19, building on previous work by PhD students from the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna and responding to UN SDG-4 (quality education). The symposium is a chance to look back at the work of the network members from 2020-2023, share findings, and look ahead to the continuing work of the network.

The Institute of Advanced Studies

In the beginning there was only the Institute of Advanced Studies and its visiting professors. Launched in 1998 (?) thanks to the initiative of prof.s Scazzieri and Poni was intended to respond to the growing need to assist researchers and professors in their international relationship.

The idea was that of creating opportunities for international scholars to spend time at the University of Bologna establishing collaborations and initiating joint researches in all areas of interest of a mega–university. Yes, because, as many of you know, the University of Bologna is a large, multicampus, university stretching from Bologna to the Adriatico sea with departments and teaching/research nodes in all major cities in Romagna. Bringing scholars to UniBo was the main goal.

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