Dario Braga

Research activity

in solid state chemistry and crystal engineering



I am a solid state chemist and crystallographer by formation and training. My current research interests are in Crystal engineering that is to say in the preparation, characterization and utilization of crystal forms (polymorphs, solvates, especially hydrates, co-crystals etc.) of organic, inorganic and hybrid molecular materials with applications in diverse areas.

Since Novembre 2023 I am a retired professor. I collaborate with prof. Fabrizia Grepioni, Lucia Maini and Simone d’Agostino and their collaborators, PhD students and students at the Department of Chemistry G. Ciamician of the University of Bologna.

The activity of the Molecular Crystal Engineering group of the Chemistry Department is illustrated on the web site of the university https://site.unibo.it/molecular-crystal-engineering/en 

My scientific production is also accessible on the UniBo web site https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/dario.braga/en

A selection of current research topics is listed below.
The link to a recently published Chem Commun. highlight is also available

Crystal forms of molecular materials

Polymorphs, Solvates, Co-crystals and Ionic Co-crystals

The synthesis, characterization and the assessment of the physico-chemical properties of purposedly designed molecular and ionic materials is now at the forefront of research in solid state chemistry.  Our efforts are focused on polymorphs, solvates, molecular and ionic co-crystals, salts and  coordination compounds with biocompatible metals of organic molecules of pharmaceutical and agrochemical interest.

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Compounds based on a 3D structure in which nodes, made by metal ions (or metal ions clusters), are linked by organic bridging ligands.

MOFs are coordination compounds with structures containing channels and cavities, which can be connected one to each others and gives the possibility to small molecules to be embedded in. MOFs, in general, can satisfy a variety of needs in technological field such as luminescence for optical devices, drug delivery for pharmaceutical aims, catalysis and chemical sensors.

In 2005 Braga’s Group launched a spinoff company (PolyCrystalLine, PCL s.r.l.) in the field of solid state chemistry and crystal polymorphism. The company is fully independent and employs several chemists from Braga’s lab. PCL and Braga’s research group now constitute a fully integrated knowledge-transfer system able to meet the demand of high tech research outsourcing from materials, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.