Dario Braga

Teaching activity

General chemistry - Solid state and Materials chemistry - Crystal Engineering


Dario Braga is Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Bologna.  He retired on November 1, 2023. Through the years, Dario Braga has been holding the courses on General Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials, and Crystal Engineering (Supramolecular solid state chemistry) at the Chemistry Department of the School of Sciences (formerly Faculty of Sciences). He has been supervising master and PhD students since 1990.

Dario Braga is currently contract (adjunt) professor of Crystal Engineering and of Mechanochemistry in the Master Course of Photochemistry and Molecular Materials. Both teaching course were initiated by him to bring up to dissemination level the advancements in science and the expertise developed by the Molecular Crystal Engineering group. 

Dario Braga has also been teaching in master courses and industrial seminars on patenting and intellectual property issues concerning polymorphs and hydrates of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Lectures and seminars

Dario Braga has delivered more than 200 invited lectures and talks at international conferences and on the occasion of departmental visits in Universities in all continents. 

The topics of his lectures and seminars reflect the evolution and progresses of his scientific interests in the broad area of solid state chemistry, crystallography, molecular materials, metal organic and organometallic solids, organic polymorphs, hydrates, solvated, co-crystals, solid solutions etc. In the past few years the focus has been on the applications of some of these materials to tackle problems such as antimicrobial resistance, ferlitizer degradation and environmental pollution.

Organization of scientific meetings

Dario Braga has chaired (inter alia):

  • The international school “Crystal Engineering: from Molecules and Crystals to Materials” 1999, Erice (IT)
  • The international meeting “Inorganic Crystal Engineering” – the Royal Society of Chemistry – Dalton Discussion – Bologna 2000.
  • The international meeting “Innovation in Crystal Engineering” Bristol (UK) 2002
  • The Euroconference “Molecular Crystal Engineering” Maratea (IT) 2003
    an co-chaired
  • The international meeting “New Frontiers in Crystal Engineering” Nottingham (UK) 2004
  • The Euroconference “Molecular Crystal Engineering- II ” Helsinki (Finland, june 2005)
  • Together with Lia Addadi and Juan Novoa the international school on “Crystal Design” – Erice 2007
  • “Bologna’s Convention on Crystal Forms” – a series of international meetings organized in Bologna in the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017,2019, 2021, 2023 with the aim to bring together scientists from academia and industry to discuss the preparation, screening, characterization, isolation and utilization of crystalline forms of active principles for applications in agriculture, food, pharmacy etc.