Dario Braga

The relevance of crystal forms in the pharmaceutical field: sword of Damocles or innovation tools?

Dario Braga, Lucia Casali and Fabrizia Grepioni Department of Chemistry G. Ciamician, University of Bologna, Via Selmi 2, 40126 Bologna, Italy. Abstract: This review is aimed to provide to an “educated but non-expert” readership an overview of the scientific, commercial, and ethical importance of investigating crystalline forms (polymorphs, hydrates and co-crystals) of active pharmaceutical ingredients […]

Steps Towards a Nature Inspired Inorganic Crystal Engineering

Fabrizia Grepioni,* Lucia Casali, Cecilia Fiore, Luca Mazzei, Renren Sun, Oleksii Shemchukd and Dario Braga* Crystal engineering is used for properties modification of organic solids via cocrystallization with inorganic salts, to tackle chiral resolution, enzyme inhibition and antimicrobial resistance within a frame of cross-disciplinary scientific expertise.

Crystal engineering: from promise to delivery

Twenty years ago, I wrote a Chem. Commun. feature article entitled ‘‘Crystal Engineering: where from?Where to?’’: an update is in order. In this Highlight I argue that molecular crystal engineering, one of theareas of fast development of the field, has definitely reached the stage of ‘‘delivering the goods’’: newfunctional materials assembled via non-covalent interactions and/or […]

Mechanochemical preparation of cocrystals Chem Soc Rev 2013

Review on mechanochemistry and cocrystals – also abundantly cited Dario Braga,* Lucia Maini and Fabrizia GrepioniThe preparation of co-crystals via mechanochemistry combines the quest for clean and green processes with the investigation of multicomponent new materials, among the currently most fashionable systems in the crystal engineering field: the physico-chemical properties of the components add, merge […]

Mechanochemistry: opportunities for new and cleaner synthesis Chem Rev 2012

This is our most cited paper to date – Co-authored by Stuart L. James,*a Christopher J. Adams,b Carsten Bolm,c Dario Braga,d Paul Collier,e Tomislav Frisˇcˇic´, f Fabrizia Grepioni,d Kenneth D. M. Harris,g Geoff Hyett,h William Jones,f Anke Krebs,c James Mack,i Lucia Maini,d A. Guy Orpen,b Ivan P. Parkin,j William C. Shearouse,i Jonathan W. Steedk and […]